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Технические данные

Tubular grid frame with steel roof and sides; other body parts such as doors, hood, fenders and rear cover made from CFK;integrated driver safety cell and defined front, rear and lateral crash structures
Length: 4,870 mm
Width: 1,845 mm
Height: 1,255 mm
Wheelbase: 2,795 mm
Fuel tank: 65 litres
Weight: 1,050 kg (including the driver)
Aerodynamic modifications to front apron and side panels, flat underfloor, rear diffusor, standardised double-profile rear aerofoil
Displacement: 4.0 litres
Cylinder head: 4 valves per cylinder
Cylinder arrangement: V8, 90 degrees
Output: approx. 470 hp at 7,500/min
Intake air restrictors: diameter of 2 x 28 mm
Carbon-fibre cardan shaft, Three-disc carbon-fibre clutch, mechanically operated via a foot-operated pedal, Standardised six-speed transmission with sequential gearshift, transaxle configuration with mechanical differential lock, Rear-wheel drive without acceleration skid control
Wheel suspension:
Double wishbones with spring/damper units on the front and rear axles, actuated via pushrods
Standardised carbon brake system without ABS
Rack-and-pinion steering with power assistance
Aluminium wheels with a diameter of 18 inches and a width of 11 inches on the front axle / 12 inches on the rear axle; standardised tyres with a diameter of 660 mm on front and rear axles